How I Adopted a Dragon French Version

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- Game in French

- Number of players: 3 - 8 players

- Duration: 15 min

- Suggested age: 8


Full description

How I Adopted a Dragon is a dice game to tell extraordinary, funny adventures... and downright magical! Signed Yves Hirschfeld-Fabien Bleuze, the Dragon completes the series initiated by "How I adopted a wildebeest", with 9 new dice and 120 fantastic and quirky themes:

With my unicorn at the vet / How I woke up Sleeping Beauty / Yesterday I received the Cannibal family / When I was repairer of witch brooms...

It's simple: players designate a narrator who chooses his theme by taking a card and throwing the two numbered dice. If it is 2 and 1, it will have the choice between theme 12 or 21.

The narrator takes the white dice and the 5 colored dice, placed from the lightest to the darkest. They will help him pace his story with transition words like A Beautiful Day / In addition / When suddenly / Kick of luck / And as if by magic . The narrator rolls the yellow dice, invents the rest of the sentence and continues by throwing the next dice one after the other. The only exception: the white de-roll, which he can throw whenever he wants to bounce back with the onomatopoeia And there, Paf / Couic / Nooon / Hmmm ... / Grrr or Tin, tin, tiiin!

But attention, At any time, other players can roll the black de-roll (max. 3 times) to spice up the current story: I love this passage! You haven't been too scared? / Do you want my opinion?

Really? What for? / What about your dog in all this? / Can you prove it?

The narrator must then answer before continuing his story.7 Example of a story imagined with the Dragon8 Theme chosen by the narrator: The princess who stantator of feet

Everyone thinks ... that princesses always marry Prince Charming.

In reality ... It's not always like that. Sometimes a simple detail can make you miss everything.

In any case ... this is what happened to the Princess of Flowers. One day, she invited the Prince of the chouquettes to the pool...

Player 2: Oh well? What for?

Narrator: Because it's been a week since his shower was broken!

Neither one nor two ... She wanted to put on her jersey. She removed her dress, crown and shoes...

And there, couic the Prince fell into the apples, asphyxiated by the smell that emanated from the glass slippers of the beautiful...

Player 3: Can you prove it?

- narrator: Of course, you type "Prince of the Chouquettes" on the Internet and you will see that he almost died!

This is how ... since that day, the Princess of Flowers is called the Princess who coulde feet!

Good atmosphere, good news

At the end of a turn, the narrator throws a numbered de-number to self-assign 1 to 6 points. Depending on the result and the story, the other players can invite him to throw the second numbered to increase his score... Does the final victory make sense? Ask the Dragon for his opinion! The main thing is that you will spend a lot of good time telling wacky stories with this unusual game!

You can marry the Gnu and the Dragon! The principle of these games is the same, but each box contains 9 dice and 120 different themes that you can combine at will: use the white dice of the Dragon with the Gnu, tell a theme of the Gnu with the dice of the Dragon, try a story with 14 colored dice and 2 black dice, etc. Another common feature of our favourite animals is their ecological origins and their recyclable destinies, with 100% wood and cardboard content, made in Bavaria. Youpi Planet!

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