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A deck of cards without cards in your hands:

Each player collects chameleons of 7 different colors in front of him.
In turn, a player must choose between:
- draw a card from the pickaxe and place it on one of the rows in the center of the table.
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- take a row in the center of the table and add it to his collection in front of him.

But at the end of the game, each player has only 3 colors in positive and all the others in negative!
Throughout the game, each player will try to limit his colors and increase those of his opponents... Which is pretty funny.

Some special cards spice up the thing, but the rule remains childish simplicity.

Coloretto works perfectly from 2 to 5 players and with all audiences: it is playable nicely as a family and can bring together 3 generations, but it can become tactical and very nasty between "big" players.

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