Clue Liar Edition Multilingual Version

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- Multilingual game
- Number of players: 2 - 6
- Duration: 30 min
- Suggested age: 8


Sometimes you have to lie to find out the truth in the board game Clue Liars Edition in which players use survey cards (there are 6 Lie cards and 6 Truth cards) to help them find out who killed Mr. Lenoir in the mansion. Players choose a card and read it aloud, trying to play it cool and convince other players that they are telling the truth... even if they don't say it. If a player suspects he's lying, he can report it by pressing the "Mentor" button. Were they caught lying or were they telling the truth? In both cases, a proof card is revealed and the players move closer to elucidating the case. When a player is ready to lay a charge, he secretly looks at the cards placed in the envelope of the case file to reveal Who, What and Where. A correct accusation wins the game!
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RELATED: Sometimes honesty is not the best policy... at least in this edition of the game Clue. Players hone their deception skills with survey cards
THE LIEN BOUTON: Choose a survey card and read the action aloud. Whether it's a Truth card or a Lie card... Try to be convincing. If another player thinks you're lying, they can press the Lie Button
WHO, WHAT, WHERE: In this classic board game, players try to solve Mr. Lenoir's murder. Find out who, with what weapon and in what room
FUN FAMILIAL GAME: Do you remember playing the classic Game of Clue as a child? Take out the Clue Liars Edition game for family game nights, play dates and rainy day entertainment. For 8 and over

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