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The Hopscotch Rabbit Twins set includes Hopscotch Rabbit twins (a seat and crawler) and a toy to ride. Figures can be placed by moving their heads.

The heads of the Hopscotch Rabbit twins can turn. The Hopscotch Rabbit twins (seated) can fit into the toy to ride. Put Hopscotch Rabbit Twin's hand on the toy to pretend to push it.

The Hopscotch Rabbit Twin (rampant) is a little boy. He is curious about everything and he will crawl absolutely everywhere.

The Hopscotch Rabbit Twin sitting is a little girl. She likes to observe flowers and butterflies quietly.

Play with the Hopscotch Rabbit Family (sold separately) for more fun. Mix them with other houses, furniture or figurines (sold separately) for an imaginative game.

You can also reunite with other twins with toys to ride (sold separately) to simulate group outings! Hopscotch Rabbit Twin (seated), Hopscotch Rabbit Twin (rampant), toy to ride (car, blue) (3 pieces in total)

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