Arkham Horror: Final Hour

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- Game in French

- Number of players: 1 - 4

- Duration: 60 min

- Suggested age: 12


You have arrived too late to stop the repulsive rite, and a monstrous and transdimensional Ancient is tearing up reality. An iridescent fault crosses the dark sky, heralding the nightmarish creatures that pour into the sacred buildings of Miskatonic University. As the screams and screams go through the night, there is only one way for your intrepid investigators - hold back the horde long enough to somehow reverse the invocation.

Arkham Horror: Final Hour is a fully cooperative and fast board game for one to four players. An endless tide of monsters is sweeping across the Campus of Miskatonic University, and you must hold them back, while desperately searching for the ritual elements you need to end this madness.

Playable in less than 60 minutes, your fate depends on the cooperation between you and your fellow investigators. The odds against you are astronomical, but if you don't succeed, it will indeed be the last hour for Arkham... and the world.

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