Adventure Time Bubblegum Vs Lumpy Cry Version Anglaise

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The game   was at $22.99

- Game in English

- Number of players: 2 players

- Duration: 30 min

- Suggested age: 10


The first smash-hit-sold-out-all game of 2014 is getting bigger! This time, the princess and her Bubblegum NiceLands bridge take totally double landscape bridge Lumpy Space princess in a Royal Rumble. First teased in pack the sets of the original two Collector, then visualized in the For Glory! Booster Packs, NiceLands are finally playable. This new type of landscape is as fluffy as a little rabbit nibbling on the grass. But if you give him an owie on his widdle foot... allo boy, these guys do get vicious!

NiceLands creatures are all about using the damage on them to make them better. Most creatures are looking for a particular sweet spot of damage. Sometimes you'll want to heal the lesions of your creatures to get there. But sometimes you could actually damage your own creatures to get them to that listening point. This new platform brings not only a new landscape for mixing, but a whole new style of play.

The Lumpy Space Princess Bridge is a useless marsh and Blue Plains bridge. This is the first time Collector Pack has presented something other than a single-color game. The Useless marsh side of the bridge is the theme around discarded cards to fuel your creature abilities. Which is never a bad thing for the swampy side, as they thrive when they have built a large discard pile.

The plain blue side of the deck is the theme around replacing creatures that you control. Many creatures in this half of the deck get killer bonuses to replace creatures that were already in play. It completes the useless marsh desire for a large pile of discard as well. This synergy!

97% of all cards in the game are brand new! Just a couple of Rainbow Buildings "discontinues" has never been seen before. NO cards of the For Glory! Booster game are picked up here. This Collector Pack gives you nearly 50 cards you've never seen before. This new Princess Bubblegum vs Pack Lumpy Space Princess Collector is a must-buy for legions of players playing fiercely at this game and even more demanding, more, more!

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